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BW Brand
Affordable Sportswear

BW Brand manufactures affordable sportswear, including hats & caps, t-shirts, hoodies, bomber jackets and tracksuits.

Comfortable Sportswear
Made from 100% Cotton

BW Brand's limited selection means that we can focus on what we manufacture!

Black & White Sportswear
[B]lack or [W]hite

Henry Ford once told reporters, about his Model A, 'You can have any colour as long as it's black', and not to be outdone, we expanded our range to include white.

BW Brand ™

Affordable & Comfortable
Black and White Sportswear
BW Brand

There's a humorous tale behind the inception of BW Brand. Many years ago, our founder's eldest daughter was splurging excessively on branded hoodies and sweatshirts. As you might anticipate, this led to discussions within the family, and our founder boldly declared that anyone could establish a 'branded' clothing line. True to his words, he ventured into the world of affordable black and white sportswear, and that's what BW Brand is today.

Ironically, his daughter continues to purchase expensive hoodies and sweatshirts!

BW Brand ™


BW Brand manufactures an expanding range of black and white hats and caps, including knitted Kippahs! All our products are either black or white and embroidered. We do not print anything.

BW Brand ™


We love v-neck t-shirts, but maybe that's not for you, so we also have a range of other awful regular necklines... Our "BW" logo is embroidered on the left breast pocket area, but you can get it centred or on the back. It's up to you!

BW Brand ™


BW Brand's bomber jackets are just GREAT! We make them in black or white and usually embroider the "BW" in the same colour as the jacket. You can get one the other way too, but it looks great the way we designed it!

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